ГТА 5 (GTA 5)



Unlike old-school gangsters, who at one time could only afford an ounce of a gloomy one or a barrel, vegetating the rest of the time in factories, at the fast-food cash registers, or trading their own bodies, Franklin Clinton decided to mark the big leagues from a very young age. He stopped smoking weed earlier than the rest, got a job in a more or less official place of work (if the theft of a car can be called one) and decided to break with the «lads from the area.»

And just then two others appear on the horizon.

The first is a person with a rich criminal past, a true professional and a fan of his craft. He just retired and is now living out his 40s with a tail in the company of a hysterical wife, daughter, etc. and a teenage son.

The second is a complete psychopath, a terrorist, a maniac and an alcoholic who loves to smash other people’s heads, wake up drunk naked in the mountains and … his mother. These three heroes have every reason to hate each other, but it is up to you to decide which fate awaits them. Will they get rich by committing a series of high-profile robberies all over Los Santos or will they disappear into the abyss of hatred and banditry. Mama ama crime.

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Особенности репака:
— За основу взят релиз от RELOADED
— Ничего не вырезано | Не перекодировано
— Версия игры : 1.0.1180.1/1.41
— На случай, если ваш любимый антивирус или встроенный дефендер съел таблетку, в папке игры лежит резервная копия таблетки!
— Время установки 15 минут на HDD

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