Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion

Выход состоится 6 марта 2020 года.

Watch Dogs Legion - Watch Dogs Legion

But Pierce is a hacker in a not entirely familiar sense. Giving credit card numbers and sending spam with viruses is too small and primitive for him. Turn off the traffic lights, raise the road barrier, cut off the light throughout the quarter, connect to the security cameras — this is his patrimony. For Aiden, there is almost nothing impossible at all — if only a faithful smartphone was at hand.

But, as we remember, responsibility comes with great strength, and it is completely useless for Pierce. Therefore, despite his capabilities, he is in no hurry to shatter this large-scale system, but only carefully uses it for his own purposes. Aiden — like a mouse in a house, crawls out when nobody is there, grabs crumbs from the floor and tries to rustle less.

Hacking other people’s mobile phones, you can not only withdraw money from the accounts of unlucky citizens, but also find out, for example, that someone worships Cthulhu, and someone is a big fan of BDSM clubs. It is a pity, this does not affect the gameplay. But it’s a lot of fun!
From the real state of things, this concept, by the way, has not gone so far. The developers did a great job and created a truly believable model not just for the near future, but literally tomorrow.

Global surveillance in the world of Watch_Dogs is quite an ordinary thing, but citizen hamsters do not care about it. Everyone loves to discuss conspiracy theories with friends and complain about the government listening on the phone. But for the sake of being able to immediately post a photo to a social network, the majority is ready to make such a sacrifice. Not so much a local utopia is at odds with our reality, is it?

But in a couple of seconds from a mobile phone to city communications in life, of course, you will not be cut. And with an experienced team of hackers and appropriate equipment today you can even hack into the police station’s servers (by gaining access to all files or by opening the door to the storage of material evidence, for example), or even connect to the security system of a nuclear power plant.

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